Decision Toolbox


          Quickly unleash your team 

Realize your vision, fast

Precisely decide what you create, not just how you create it.   Unleash your team with proven yet novel decision models that unblock your current challenge.   

NOT nice-sounding ideas but best practices harvested from hardcore research into how serial market innovators succeed.  Each decision guides the creation of 

  • an offering that is not just viable but compelling...

  • to the people most likely to adopt

Don't just waste more resources, faster, with Lean and Agile

From all that you could do to what you should do, now, leveraging all your teams' insights, collaboratively, transparently, coherently, precisely, fast.  Use new decision models at key points, each specialized for chronic, often hidden, product development sticking points. 

How is not enough:  for a given situation Agile, Lean, Waterfall, et al are effective project management methods for HOW to create a new offering, but not on WHAT.  At several points, each requires that you whittle down your options.  Yet, they do not offer insights to align these decisions to customer value.   E.g. Which growth strategy?  Which Market?  Which project? Which Decision Maker?  Which User?  Which Product?  Which Features?   

With our rigorous methodology, we precisely identified a series of points where teams repeatedly get stuck.  For these sticking points, we have developed new ways to think, new models offering new perspectives that unleash teams.


Our powerful, highly varied portfolio of 45+ decision models help your team quickly, transparently make these key, strategic decisions quickly, combining all their insights to create a clear, precise vision for what you should build.  These models are complementary to any project management methodology.   


Use our methodology to know which decision model is the fit for your current challeng.

Top Decision Models to operationalize the key W's of your vision

The 8 highest-impact of the 45+ tools



Gateway Adopters Psychographic 

A catalyst in every market that transition nascent concepts into solutions the mass market then follows. 

Don't waste time on people that won't buy or only buy novelty.  



Top Risk Now

Before your next big bet.

Give Lean and Agile a mission to Emulate the winning best-practices of Gateway Adopters

Don't waste your time on low ROI issues.  



Value Prop Scratchpad

Don't just tell your vision, but succinctly, precisely, describe your it so that you can garner feedback and refine your vision - before you take big leaps.  



Customer Value Accelerator

New Perspective on value.

Know compelling vs. viable

The 5 different types of value within an offering - NOT high vs. low. 

NOTE: see Presentations below for links to more information and videos

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Minimum Compelling offering (MCO)

Act on the new perspective on value.

Viable is not enough to change what customers do.  Don't waste your efforts,  align to delighter value. 

Break the tyranny of Priority = sequencing.    


NOTE: see Presentations below for links to more information and videos

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Gateway Adopter Vision Team

High-impact customer development. 

Drive a serial dialogue with the right people about what matters most to them.  



The hourglass Interview

High-impact customer development. 

Learn the most - in the least time, asking 3 questions and listening. 

Don't talk to people just because they will talk to you.   

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Ansoff Strategy Matrix

Inspire and implement your vision.  

Create, capture and communicate your growth strategy so your team can Implement it.   




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35+ other decision models

Our unique, rich portfolio of powerful, often unique  decision best practices span the innovation process.  

Many enable teams to emulate Gateway Adopters' success and complements our Methodology to select and use the best decision tool for your specific situation. 

Learn how these are combined to address your top challenges.

See how these decisions tools are combined to quickly overcome the most common endemic challenges that stick almost every project   

The genesis of these decision tools: 
New perspectives offer healthy conflict resolution for common, often contentious sticking points.    

We continuously develop and share new techniques to unblock teams and unleash their creativity - in the search to create a compelling offering for the people most likely to adopt it.     

At key product development decision points we offer a new way to think -- a new perspective -- to operationalize your vision.  Each uses customer-value metrics to give a diverse team with many skills and perspectives - a common goal.  


Each decision model for what you create helps a team smoothly, coherently transition from all they could to what they should do, now. 

The Decision Toolbox is a collection of rigorously developed, novel, powerful,  paradigm-shifting, proven best practices. Each is laser-focused on a common, important challenge in deciding what you create - with the collection spanning the entire innovation cycle.  Using customer value as the metric, each enables a crisp, clear, precise target - the team can streamline their efforts - and then delight the market.


Our rigorous Methodology reveals the "choke point" patterns where teams get stuck creating new offerings - ranging from selecting the best project from many options to determine which feature to "gold plate" to selecting the targeting one customer persona (from many customer types).  To move forward quickly teams need to focus, but often don't and get stuck. because they can't think differently.   

The greatest opportunities are when we see and hear pain;   We keep getting stuck here!!  Why so contentious?! Controversial?  Take sooo long!? Why does this keep happening?!?! 


At each of these key decision points, there are different levels of information, different perspectives, and different goals that render traditional and "normal" models and thinking insufficient. 

For each of these decision types, our team has spent years researching and developing new models to help teams quickly create a new, common perspective and a language to share data and insights that quickly unblock teams, often in minutes. 

Beyond Agile and Lean - a contrast:  What vs. How.

In contrast to the most common project management models that teams use - be it Lean, Agile,  or Waterfall, these models govern on HOW a team creates an offering, these common sticking points are the WHAT the team creates - irrespective of how.  


The tools often start as sophisticated, "solo", analytical tools, then transition to collaborative methods with a new, common language that teams use to create a common vision using customer value as the target metric for success. 

Our decision tools offer the team an opportunity to share what they know with a new language that brings a team together with a new perspective.


We have shared these decision tools and methodologies in several public venues like:

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