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Market Fit Fast

some explanitory mesage abou the three things...

Fast Fit with Precise Vision 

Who: Market Leaders

What:  Offer with compelling value - not just viable  

Why/When - Max impact - mitigate top risk before making big bets

Three pillars to fast revenues 

Create offerings that is

Compelling - to Market Leaders - Fast


So that you can; 

- Engage the most lucrative sector of any market 

 - Qualify and NOT waste time selling to the 80% that are not buying



Use Text to review the themes in the video 

Win again in the new market reality.  

Your sales are stalled because your selling process was carefully crafted to engage mainstream buyers in a stable, pre-COVID world.  But it’s not working.  Stop flogging the same horse with the same tools that do not fit our new market reality. 


Demographics are not enough


Most buyers are frozen.  Crucially one group is not. Who are they?  How are they different? How can you adapt your selling motion to engage them? What are their “tells”? 


And there is a big potential if you do find them.  They typically have twice the funds and the power to spend it. 

These buyers are hard to find, but they are a lot like you - that they want to gain an unfair advantage doing something others are not. But demographics – the core of your old pipeline – will not help you find them. 

A new perspective:  Psychographics

My name is Patrick Hogan and through decades of research I into psychographics.  I discovered the segment that you want to target.   

Linchpin Buyers. 

Through big data analytics, I know 4 simple questions to quickly identify the 10% within EVERY market that thrive leveraging dynamic markets.  


Now I am helping sellers win deals faster applying these battle-tested insights in your sales process.  

How you find and engage Lincpin Buyers are quite different from mainstream buyers.  Luckily, Linchpin Buyers’ unique 'tells' make them easy to spot and cull from the heard of indecisive, tire kickers, and timewasters. 

Win in the new market reality

Quickly leverage these breakthrough insights into who buys, now.   


As a successful territory manager, I can help you quickly adapt these insights and win in the new market reality - now,  while your competitors take a few quarters to learn that the old, stable market is not coming back.

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And I will share the key insight captured 4 simple questions of the 

Buyer Psychographic Insight System

So you can


Engage the most valuable - only? - buyers left in your market


Qualify and NOT waste time selling to the 80% that are not buying