The NEW Product Development Game

Gain an unfair advantage

Cut your time to new revenue 75% or more

Management Consulting for Breakthrough Innovation

We enable technology executives 
to guide their teams to win at the new game

Be the disruption your competitors must chase

Confident Businessman

Creat products that define markets

Quickly delivering compelling value to market leaders

Dramatically cut your time to payout. 

A Passion for Innovation

Driven by my passion for the HOW people innovate- backed by decades of launching V1 and rigorous research.


I have dug into how best to disrupt markets – and when not enough - to develop new revolutionary models for creating breakthrough customer value –

I work with executive and development teams to streamline their product development –

to achieve Market Fit Fast

Learn more about Patrick and the genesis story of Market Fit fast


Win - with an unfair advantage.
Insights your competition does not have.
Quickly Clarify the uncertainty that kills 95% of new projects

Create a Clear Vision to win.  Use Little known but proven decision models  to…

focus/clarify what your team does – does not do - NOW!

  • Target the right buyer 

  • Targeting the right market

  • Beat deadlines - quickly build the right thing

  • Know what to do, when

  • get traction, growth  

Introducing Market Fit Fast
New, breakthrough decision models 
A governance system for high uncertainty, high-stakes innovation

Create a product vision that delivers on all the elements of a great story.

Not just great ideas. 

Winning methodologies discovered through rigorous research.

Tested and refined on some of the most strategically valuable projects.