Product-Market Fit.


The first step to new revenues. 

A unique, proven approach to risky innovation

How can I grow new revenues faster?


Create compelling, fast, by

  • Identifying the right people and what they find compelling -
    Gateway Adopters  

  • Engaging them  

  • Emulating serial innovators

What capabilities should I build/not build now?!  


  • Know what you should cut - now 

  • Know where you can minimize effort on what is required

  • Know where you should lavish resources - to win  

High-impact solutions to delivering 

Compelling offerings for the right people, fast.  

More about these and other top challenges.

How can I grow new revenues faster?


Create compelling, fast, by

  • Identifying precisely what is compelling to the right people -
    Gateway Adopters  

  • Engaging them  

  • Emulating successful serial innovators

What capabilities should I build/not build now?!  


​High ROI work- don't waste time,  

  • Know what you should cut - now 

  • Know where to minimize efforts even when it is required

  • Know where to lavish your resources - to win

Create compelling offerings -

for where the market is going

Our innovation framework.  

Unique, proven. 

Quickly gain a competitive advantage - with the team you have.

Systematically unleash your team from what is sticking them, now. 


In hours, not weeks.  Remove often chronic — unrecognized — 

innovation challenges.  

Not big overhauls in pursuit of some fantasy perfection.  


For more about our framework

FrameWork Manual-Toolbox.png

To reach your mass market:

Know where the market is going, not where it was.   

Target the people quickest to adopt - and prove

that new concepts are compelling solutions.

Why this works. 

Know, engage the people that repeatedly lead the mass market


Know where the market is going.    

Not where it has been.  Not speculation. Not aspiration.

The market catalyst: Gateway Adopters 

Understand this critical stage "gate" in every market growth path - on the way to mass-adoption. 

Each markets' serial catalyst that transforms new, breakthrough concepts into market-leading solutions.  

  • Learn how to find and engage real market leaders 

  • Learn how to emulate their unique, successful best practices for managing high-risk projects 

The market "primary voters" for new concepts.

For more insight on Gateway Adopters:  

GA Concept Image 75%_edited.png

Mitigating your biggest risk before making big bets.

Increase your R&D ROI.

Often one planning meeting reduces the time to create a compelling release from months to a similar number of weeks.

75% reduction in time to market.

A CEO reaction: "....your visit is a team morale event.  The team knows that when you walk in the door that, when you leave they will have new clarity and are better able to work together doing creative, great work and won't be wasting thier efforts"

Unleash creative collaboration.

With a new perspective on the "what" a team creates, often within one meeting you can innovate in new ways —  vs.  weeks and months of training 

developing new roles,

A bigger impact than adopting 

Agile, in a fraction of the time.

In a few minutes, I saw you transform a team.   Your model offers a new language that bridges across the silos of different specialties enabling them to collaborate and act in new ways.  

New perspectives unleash how your team innovates. 

Don't waste more resources just going faster with Lean and Agile.  

Precisely decide what you build

with the best decision tool for your situation. 

Unleash your team.  Contact us.

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