Gateway Adopter Vision Team

Shorten time to revenues. 


Land compelling new offers quicker 


Validate your vision engaging market leaders in a customer development dialogue 

Your challenge   

Know compelling before you make your biggest bets 

Engaging the market to know what they will find compelling - is not simple or cheap. 

Finding the right people - often the right microsegments - is often challenging

Learn in just a few minutes what they find compelling - what will really change what they do -  is challenging.  

Often the feedback you do get is confusing and contradictory - sometimes even misleading 

Just making the big bet - and launching a new offering without this insight prooves to fail at a very high rate. 


Serial dialogue with a subject matter advisory board 

Breakthrough Customer, Market Development with the people most likely to adopt your new concepts.

Mitigate your biggest risks, early, before you make your biggest bets. 

Use lightweight methods to engaging a handful of the right people about the right issues, using the novel perspectives. 

Create a differentiated, often simpler offering in a fraction of the typical time.


New perspective - new insights 

Unleash new thinking removing often hidden roadblocks, resolving simmering conflicts.  

At many stages of a new project, there is a common challenge - of all the options that you could do, what one should you do, now

A decision needs to be taken, but often without a clear guide as to how. 

But at each of these points - there is a novel but proven best practice for making each of these decisions.  

Models like Market Fit Fast, Gateway Adopters, Minimum Compelling Offing, and others offer your team new perspectives

Campaign Pitch

Engage the right people 

Get direction from a handful of the right people that are both:

  • most likely to adopt new offerings


  • Subject matter experts (SME's) -  living the killer issues that most endanger your project 

Business Meeting

Reduce your biggest risks

To emulate the success of breakthrough innovators: 

  • Know the risks that most endanger your project

  • Engage the right people to mitigate the risk

  • Early, before you make big bets 

Real-time, actionable feedback 

About the killer project risks, early

Jumping into new, dynamic markets is risky.  Most projects fail.  It’s tough to know which capabilities to create first.  Projects often requiring cycles of trial and error and serious investments before a payoff.  Contradictory, shifting, and often whimsical market feedback are not much help as it often results in overdevelopment that can fail to launch.  

You can quickly leverage your strengths to land in a new market by engaging the right people in a structured/in-depth conversation that offers precise, clear, high-quality actionable insights - early before you make big investments.  By focusing on delighting the people most likely to adopt new concepts, Gateway Adopters, you can mitigate your biggest risks and streamline your efforts to increase your ROI. 

Vision Teams have helped a wide range of teams from big projects like the unified Microsoft Office API, to startups creating consumer offerings, too medium-size firms crating new dev platform. It can work for your efforts too.

Learn about top scenarios 

See how combinations of these decisions tools quickly breakthrough the biggest endemic challenges that stick almost every project