Grow new revenues, fast

Often 75% faster  

Your challenge 

How can my team generate new revenues - sooner?  For less? 

Your situations:

Are your team's new offerings often lackluster, competitive but not compelling?  Is it taking too much time, investment to launch new offerings?  And when you do land, does it often take a V3 to finally realize your vision? 

What you do:  new organization, learning model

Are you reorganizing your teams in hopes of creating better performance?

Have you helped your team change how the creat new offerings using Agile and Lean - and though they deliver fast it's often incomplete and may take even more investment and multiple releases to reach a compelling offering.  

You are using the latest infrastructure and work to create a skilled team. 

Your goal:   

  • Increase my team's R&D returns 

  • New revenues, faster, with smaller teams 

  • Kill and or pivot projects that are not going to succeed - sooner

  • Build a team that can successfully create a competitive advantage, repeatadly. 


  • Target the right people... 

  • Engage them... 

  • Emulate successful innovators  


Precisely focus your learning model on the key people within a market and deliver a compelling offering so valuable that they will take the risk of stopping what they do now to try something new.  


Why this works.

Why care about "Gateway Adopters"?

They are a key stop on the path to mass adoption. 

Serial breakthrough innovators repeatedly pursue and manage high-risk projects to prove winning solutions.  They are the "provers" of new concepts.   

You can find and engage them in your market. 

You can emulate how they succeed.  


A catalyst to the mass market for great solutions  — not a "chasm".  

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