Know compelling.  Deliver Faster. 

Beyond viable – know and deliver compelling new offerings to the people most likely to adopt them.    


Reduce your time to revenues to a fraction of the typical time.  With 4 steps from idea to delivery, you can use your team’s competitive advantage - giving Agile and Lean cycles a precise mission.    

We leverage both years of qualitative and quantitative research into market-leaders and decades using these insights in the trenches helping teams to successfully deliver breakthrough projects, fast.   

Identify, Engage and Emulate

the people that change markets. 

Gain a competitive advantage with your team's unique strengths.  Fast. 


Often one planning meeting reduces the time to create a compelling release from months to weeks.

75% reduction in time to market.

A CEO reaction: "....your visit is a morale event.  The team knows that when you leave they will have new clarity and are better able to working together doing creative, high-value stuff."

Unleash Innovation.
New ways to think.
A team morale event.

Though complementary to Agile, with a new perspective on the "what" they create, within one meeting your team can innovate in new ways — vs.  weeks and months of training developing new roles,

A bigger impact than adopting Agile, in a fraction of the time.

Our innovation framework.

Breakthrough Product Management.

Innovate on how your team innovates with new perspectives for your toughest decisions. 

We act as your innovation "sports medicine physician" to find and leverage the greatest opportunity for your team to win, quickly.  

Innovation is simple But hard. 

Know where to focus, where you can have the biggest impact to unleash your team. 

Identify the root cause of often hidden sticking points, i.e. the pathology


Then use powerful, laser-focused, proven but novel decision models that offer your team a new perspective on what they create, now.

We leverage the proven principles from Gateway Adopter to increase your team's performance, fast. 

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The path to mass adoption:
Serial breakthrough innovators.

When it comes to adopting nascent concepts and proving new technologies and practices – there are basically three types of people:

  1. People that love anything novel

  2. People that transform the right novel concepts into change 

  3. People that follow what others have proven — AKA following taillights.


We call this second group "Gateway Adopters". They successfully adopt dynamic, new breakthrough solutions to their high-value, differentiating challenges.  

You can find and engage them in your market. 

You can emulate how they succeed.  

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