Market Fit Fast  
How it Works 

​​Quickly deliver compelling customer value​

Create repeatable NEW product innovation system 
New insights from new ways to make your high-stakes decisions 

 Unleash your team's creativity

Three Pillars of Market Fit Fast 
 New insights from New decision models 

1.  Top Risk Now (TRN):  Why & When 

The NEW product development game.
Know what to do, when. Make uncertanty your winning insight

2. Customer Value Accelerator (CVA):  What

Align investment to how customers really value. 
Deliver compelling.

3. Gateway Adoptor Psychographics (GAP): Who

Target your real first buyers. Find the market leaders.

Win by quickly delivering compelling value to market leaders.



Pillar 1. Top Risk Now 

Why & When

What should you be working on NOW?  For how long?  Most managers don’t have an answer to these questions.  Lean is not enough.   For breakthrough innovation furiously failing fast is still failing  90% or more of the time.   You need a better model to manage and govern high-uncertainty projects.  


Top Risk Now (TRN) is a new, proven governance model, the Moneyball for high-uncertainty, breakthrough Innovation.  TRN is the missing user's manual for Lean. The new perspective precisely defines the 'why & when' of your vision story.  Identify, manage and mitigate the six risk-types inherent in – yet lethal to - all breakthrough innovation projects.


TRN is a new project governance model for breakthrough innovation. 

For high uncertainty projects TRN:

  • Is a proven discovery of how serial innovators succeed

  • Creates the new Innovation game by monetizing the concepts of risk & uncertainty 

  • Gives each sprint a mission  

  • Governs to maximize your impact and ROI  - on each effort

  • Identifies the top risk types you should be mitigating and managing - NOW

  • Shifts focus when a different risk type becomes the top risk

Learn what to do with the 6 killer risks
of breakthrough innovation:




Team talent




Win by quickly delivering compelling value to market leaders.


Pillar 2. Customer Value Accelerator (CVA)


Minimum viable product (MVP) is a dangerous delusion, It is too vague for breakthrough innovation. Precisely define the ‘what you build’ in your vision story, by defining your Minimum Compelling Offering (MCO). 





Customer Value Accelerator (CVA) is a decision-making framework on value to:  

  • Quickly deliver compelling value that delights customers  

  • Replace MVP with a Minimum Compelling Offering (MCO).  

  • Streamline your investment to how people really value

  • Confidently

    • Cut what you don’t need now 

    • Embellish your differentiators

    • Minimize what is merely required 

  • Unleash your team's creativity 

    • A new common language and insights on value 

    • Gain a new perspective 

    • Bridge diverse team skills and functions

Delighter value type.png

Win by quickly delivering compelling value to market leaders.

Pillar 3. Gateway Adopter Psychographics  (GAP)


Demographics-based market segmentation is too blunt for breakthrough innovation. These course, fuzzy concepts are not precise enough to find and engage your real buyers. Engage the right first buyers within any market.  


Gateway Adopter Psychographics (GAP) is a decision-making framework for precisely identifying, filtering, and engaging the market niche that will be your first customer. 

Gateway Adopters are your true mainstream market leaders. They provide a clear and precise Insight to:  

  • Where your market is going

  •  How to engage it









Target the unique psychographic niche in your market to:

  1. Create a great market fit

  2. Create a compelling position and marketing messaging 

  3. Tailor your selling motion