How  Market-Fit-Fast  Works

​​Quickly deliver compelling customer value​

Create your repeatable NEW product innovation system 
New insights from new models for making your high-stakes decisions 

Three Pillars
of Market-Fit-Fast 

Act on breakthrough insights from new perspectives, enabled by new decision models. 

Deliver new concepts a fraction of the typical time with a clear, concise operational vision.
Popular practices leave lethal uncertainties. These gaps predictably kill most new projects. Use new, simple but high-impact decision models to precisely fill these critical gaps.  These gaps are the "W's" elements of any great vision story: Why? What? Who? When? Where?  

The "How" of Lean even asks you to fill in these unknowns but does not offer guidance, the rigor, to do so.  

Market-Fit-Fast decision models are more than "good ideas". They are scientifically researched, developed, and proven ways to mitigate the vagaries, the risks, that kill most new projects.  

1.  Gateway Adoptor Psychographics (GAP):

Who & Where

Demographics are a blunt instrument.  

Target and engage your real first buyers. The real leaders of the mainstream market.  

2. Customer Value Accelerator (CVA), Minimum Compelling Offering: 



Viable is a dangerous illusion.  Deliver compelling value.  In fraction of the time. Streamline your investment, efforts to how customers really value.  

See more about CVA.

3. Top Risk Now (TRN): 

Why & When 


Lean is not enough. 

Know what to do, when to change. What to change to.

Maximize your impact. 

The NEW innovation game.  


Clarify the uncertainties that doom almost every new product

Simple new decision models to:  

  • Target and engage the right first customers, the real market-leading buyers  

  • Streamline your work to deliver compelling products.  Understand how customers value  

  • Maximize your impact, ROI.  Manage your project with a new "user's-manual" for Lean


Pillar 1. Gateway Adopter Psychographics  (GAP)

Win by quickly delivering compelling value to market leaders.


The blunt concepts of demographics are a dangerous illusion.


90% of your so-called 'target market'

will kill your new concepts.  

Beyond demographics.


Get to growth. Faster.  

Grow new revenues in a fraction of the time.

Target your real first buyers.  Engage the right people to satisfy the real unmet needs of the market.

Gateway Adopter Psychographics

Target your REAL first buyers, serial market disruptors. 

Your shortest, direct path to the mainstream market and growth flows through Gateway Adopters.  These are the only people with both the motivation and the skills to prove your breakthrough product.  

Use GAP's unique insights to create:   

  • A great product-market fit – fast   

  • Compelling marketing  

  • Effective selling motion  


Four simple questions reveal the key "tells" of a person fits along the adoption curve. 

I discovered the unique "tells" of these real mainstream market leaders through rigorous research across 100's of interview and study of:  

  • 1,350 senior decision-makers                                           

  • Across the 100's of decisions                                            

  • Driving over 3,800 of their high-stakes projects             

  • Analyzing and synthesizing over 400,000+ data points                 

Who & Where


Pillar 2. Customer Value Accelerator (CVA)

Win by quickly delivering compelling value to market leaders.


Dangerously Flawed: 
- Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

- How you decide what to build  

  • Viable is not viable.

  • New Projects must create compelling, differentiating  value to get adopted, grow

  • The underlying model you take for granted to decide what to focus on - what will realize value - is wrong.  It does not represent how people really act. 

  • Customers

    • do NOT value on a 1-dimensional "high vs. low" spectrum

    • behavior in how they value - how they "vote" with their time and money, is multi-dimensional. 

  • Consequences: 

    • You are wasting resources;  you are investing in assets that customers will never pay for.  

    • You are missing opportunities: you are NOT investing in creating delighting, deafferenting - compelling customer value ​


Customer Value Accelerator (CVA)


Three simple questions

Win & deliver a competitive advantage in 1/4 of the time​.  Streamline your work to focus on the right things to deliver compelling customer value.  Stop overinvesting in what you don't need, NOW.

Create delighter value.

5 different types of customer value.png
  • CVA's three simple questions unleash your team with a new perspective on value, creating new insights, and new goals.

  • The new mission enables a new concept:  the  Minimum Compelling Offering (MCO).   


Pillar 3. Top Risk Now 

Win by quickly delivering compelling value to market leaders.


What should you be working on?  Now?  Why?  When do you change?

Most innovation leaders can't answer these key questions. Lean is not helping. 


Should you work on customer development, now?  Financing?  Design?  Product development?  Team skills?  Selling?  Pricing/Packaging?  What combination?!  Why? 

Under pressure, without a clear way to answer, most do what they know, what they are skilled at, what they are comfortable doing.  And fail.  Some prescribe that there is a best sequence for every project, even in a dynamic environment.  Yet, the vast majority of all-new projects fail. 

Lean is insufficient to drive high-stakes, breakthrough innovation. Just acting, "Failing fast" is flailing.  Lean doesn't help you decide what to focus on and when.  It does not address which killer uncertainties doom a project. 

What should a project adapt to?  The very thing that changes: uncertainty and risk.  

Emulate perennially successful market disruptors.

Flip the odds from 90%+ failure

to over 90% success.  

Top Risk Now (TRN)

Win, redefining the Innovation game in your market.  


Maximize your impact.  Know what to work on, now.  Know what NOT to work on, now.  Know when to change.  Why.  Though used by only a few key leaders, TRN is a proven governance model for high-uncertainty, high-stakes innovation. 


Change the game in highly-dynamic innovation.   Use three simple questions to ruthlessly focus your efforts on the #1 - the biggest killer.  Until it is no longer #1.  Stop. Satisfice. Pivot to the new #1.  


The unique practices of successful serial market disruptors.  


Not "invented".  Revealed.  TRN insights were revealed from rigorous qualitative and sophisticated quantitative research of thousands of high-stakes projects to find what works, and what does not. 


Manage, mitigate the 6 killer risk types of your innovation project:  from Business Value to Go-to-Market and more.  

The New Game:  Succeed, almost every time by monetizing the concept of project risk.  Maximize your ROI by reducing it. 

Why, When