Key 'Tells'


Linchpin Buyers


A healthy relationship with risk

The key tells of

the people most likely to buy, now.

Captured in the -





Find Your Linchpin Buyers

Linchpin Buyers are the;

 people most likely to buy in the post-COVID reality.  

most lucrative sector of any market

Linchpin Buyers pursue - but do not overdose on



This response to risk is the key tell


We've just captured these 'tells' in the

Buyer Psychographic Insight System


Engage your Linchpin Buyers with the Buyer Psychographic Insight System. 

So you can sell to the only buyers left in the market. 


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We will explore 4 simple questions in the BPIS to:

  • find and engage the Linchpin Buyer in your market

  • Filter out the tire-kickers that are not buying 

  • be positioned to lead the recovery with proven solutions  

People’s reaction - or response - to risk varies dramatically.


those that love it


those who hate it


those who tolerate it. 


But some continually seek it out - yet consume in moderation.  

This dynamic is the tell.  

Win again

In our meeting, we will explore how you can use these tells to focus on these market-leading buyers  

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