Get Market Fit. Fast.

Land compelling new products with mainstream market leaders 75% sooner. 

Improve project success by 80%. 

Market Fit Fast

Beyond Lean and Agile.

Not just technically viable flops. 

Quickly deliver compelling value 

to your market’s most strategic buyers:

the Gateway Adopter.

Quickly win with Market Fit Fast (MFF), a revolutionary new approach to successfully delivering high-stakes, breakthrough, products. 

At its core, MFF is a set of decision-making models for your game-changing, winning, innovation projects. 


MFF filters out the misleading, distracting noise so you can act on the real market signal, improving project success rates by 80% or more — far better than any other method. 

Not just "How"

A precise, operational vision 

Including the missing 

Who, What, Why/When

3 Proprietary, Breakthrough

Innovaiton Decision Models

Engage Mainstream Market Leaders.

90% of market signals are a dangerous illusion.


Market Demographics are not enough.


Focus your market engagement and subsequent investment on the issues driving the most important segment of a market - the real mainstream market leaders: Gateway Adopters. The small, unique, market-changing buyers-psychographic is within every market.

Gateway Adopters >
Drive Compelling Customer Calue.  

Viable isn't enough to motivate people to change.  Deliver offerings that are compelling.


Embedded in the MVP concept is a one-dimensional view of customer value: high vs. low.  It’s wrong. Quickly leverage how people really value - in two dimensions. 

Customer Value Accelerator >
Maximize Your Efforts ROI. 
The Missing Manual for Lean

Lean - how you dev - is not enough. 

Failing fast is still failing. It only pays off IF you're focused on what matters most.  

Give your sprints a mission - for WHY you are doing it, and for how long.  The missing manual for Lean - Top Risk Now (TRN). 

Mitigate your top killer risk before making bigger bets.  

The way market leaders successfully transform nascent concepts into solutions the mass market follows. 

Top Risk Now >

The Impact

Often one planning meeting reduces the time to create a compelling release from months to a similar number of weeks.

75% reduction in time to market.

A CEO reaction: "....your visit is a team morale event.  The team knows that when you walk in the door that, when you leave they will have new clarity and are better able to work together doing creative, great work and won't be wasting thier efforts"

Unleash creative collaboration, constructively resolve hidden conflict.

"Within one meeting, with a new perspective on the "what" a team creates, we can innovate in new ways —  vs.  weeks and months of training 

developing new roles."

A bigger impact than adopting 

Agile, in a fraction of the time.

"In a few minutes, I saw you transform the culture of a team.   Your model offers a new language that bridges across the silos of different specialties enabling them to collaborate and act in new ways."  

New perspectives unleash how your team innovates. 

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