Value Proposition Scratchpad

Don't just intrigue your audience 

Use your conversation to learn and land compelling faster.

Your challenge 

Concept Fit. Fast. 

Not just a poetic vision, but a tool to mitigate your biggest risk. early, fast.

Just telling your story is not enough. 


Leveraging one of your biggest time investments to do more than networking. Early.   

To succeed you must spend a lot of time in many conversations engaging often brilliant people.  More than networking, you can leverage that effort, that expertise, to refine your vision, every conversation.  

​Use the Value Prop Scratchpad to not only describe your vision but solicits actionable insights to refine, streamline, make your vision more robust and real faster.  


Value Prop Scratchpad

  1. For [target customers]

  2. With the [goal and aspiration]

  3. Who [have a need/roadblock/challenge to reaching the goal],

  4. Our offering is a [product category for new offering]

  5. that provides [key benefits or roadblock removing capabilities],

  6. And unlike [the alternatives and competition]

  7. Our offering [differentiation, competitive advantages]

  8. How: [Market Fit Fast value types: Delighters, Linears and Musts]