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The Gateway Adopter

The catalytic market psychographic.

Revenues sooner engaging the people that lead the mass market and buy a compelling offering.


Know where the market is going.  Not where it was. Not aspirations. Not speculation.


Understand, target, engage and emulate the small group of perennial disruptors in every market.    


The most effective innovators within every market are what we call "Gateway Adopters". 


Why?  This psychographic group sets the new market expectation - over and over again.

When it comes to adopting dynamic new concepts, technologies, and practices there are basically three types of people:  

  1. People that love anything novel

  2. People that use what others have proven, AKA "following taillights"  

  3. People that turn novel concepts into high-value outcomes 


We call this last group of people the Gateway Adopters.

They are the small group of people in every market that have the desire and skills to adapt breakthrough capabilities, the first to transition and use your new concepts as a solution that, once proven, the mass market follows.

Think of them as the market "primary voters" for new concepts.  The masses don't even get a chance to vote on a new concept if this group does not consider them a compelling. 

GA Concept Image 75%_edited.png

Gateway Adopters are uncommon.  But everywhere.


Some 8% to 15% of the people in every market and in all walks of life are Gateway Adopters.


They are a distinct cohort of individuals with both the desire and abilities to bring nascent, breakthrough innovations to life, fast. 

Gateway Adopters have a unique, innate combination of characteristics that set them apart:

Win.  Effective, not efficient. 


In the business world, Gateway Adopters drive effectiveness, deliver value and increase growth - to win. They can do this because they behave differently than most.  Gateway Adopters align teams to do what is most effective to reach an outcome, focusing on what’s most important and cutting what they don’t need now.

Know and skilled at managing their risks. 


To gain a competitive advantage Gateway Adopters actively seek to do what others have not. To succeed, Gateway Adopters continuously both pursue and manage risks. With every new project they systemically identifying and mitigating the risks they will take.

Max ROI - satisfice on any given project. Engage across the whole project. 


Gateway Adopters do not optimize any project.  As part of being effective, they understand and act on the concept of opportunity cost.  They work on the top issue until it is not the top issue, then stop where they are and reallocate resources to the new top issue.  They consider sub-optimization on ANY single issue a waste of resources - when those resources can have a bigger impact on other efforts.  

Track record of success.

Because they are repeatedly effective at creating real business impact, Gateway Adopters in the IT sector are rewarded with twice the budget as the typical team. 


Leverage these insights... 



Identify and engage your Gateway Adopters -— the part of the market most likely to adopt your new concept - and prove it so the masses follow.


With the right Marketing Messaging, sales qualification, and market feedback, you can target this group on your way to reaching your mass-market - many times faster. 


We have performed years of rigorous research, both qualitative and quantitative, into the indicators of who is and is not a Gateway Adopters.

With the insights from 100's of decision-maker interviews and 350,000+ data points using (Kano and Shapely-value game theory) analytics, anyone can learn how to engage with this sector of their market — the people most likely to make their vision real and lead the rest of the market.

Once we know how to identify your Gateway Adopters you can accelerate your offerings growth to the masses. 


In our work with some of the technology industry’s leading companies that are building some of their most innovative and breakthrough concepts, we have witnessed first-hand how Gateway Adopters transform new concepts into solutions at a faster pace — and with more significant impact — than then their peers.

Emulate Gateway Adopters' how they succeed with high-risk, breakthrough projects.

When you want to quickly create and launch concepts that lead the mass market — you can practice Gateway Adopter's successful principles behaviors.  They have unique project management and governance mindset that is proven successful with high-risk projects and is repeatable. 


We know Gateway Adopters, well.

These are concepts inspired by PhD level research into psychographics, multi-decade research (Harvard, UW), successful concepts like the Adoption Curve and Crossing the Chasm (Geoffery Moore).


We then worked to advance them by qualitative and quantitative primary research using sophisticated data models of Gateway Adopter decision making  — across 400,000+ data points from ~4,000 projects.

They are proven highly reliable — used in the real-world across 15+ technical, managerial and consumer personas.

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How we turn these insights into actions


Our Innovation Framework.

Innovation is simple, but hard 

​Innovate on how your team innovates with new perspectives on your toughest decisions - to often deliver in a fraction of the normal time. 

See how we unleash your team with a tailored solution to your innovation challenge or use a solution from these common challenges. 

Our framework of proven methodology and powerful decision tools offers your team new insights and leverage proven principles from Gateway Adopters.