The NEW  Product Development Game

Lean and Agile are popular, but they are just not enough 

to disrupt existing markets or define new ones.

 Over 90% of new projects fail. "Failing fast" is still failing. 

But most innovation leaders don't know why.

Get Product Market Fit 75% Faster

We consult to technology executives that want to quickly conquer new markets.

We help you apply new breakthrough decision models that offer new insights

so your team can create market-defining products

release after release.

Quickly deliver   |   compelling products   |   to market leaders

Introducing Market-Fit-Fast

A new innovation governance methodology

Gateway Adopters Psychographics (GAP)


​We use GAP insights to go beyond demographics to target and engage your real first buyers. The real market leaders that adopt new concepts. 



Customer Value Accelerator (CVA), Minimum Compelling Offering (MCO)


Beyond "viable" and MVP concepts,  we use CVA and MCO to deliver compelling products - in a fraction of the time. 

Streamline work to how customers really value.  

Top Risk Now


Beyond Lean and Agile, TRN defines the NEW innovation game. 

TRN gives these models a mission.  

Know what to work on, now.  

Maximize your impact. ROI.

Minimize your biggest risks. 


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The World's New Best Practice

Define the NEW game for your market - with new  perspectives

A new approach is needed to win.
New models for the once lethal decisions. 

Popular product development models mostly fail high uncertainty innovation. Even powerful concepts like Lean, Agile, and Design-thinking are not enough. They leave lethal voids that confound teams and kill projects.  

Now there is a solution:  I have researched, designed, developed, and proven new and simple innovation-decision models to fill the key gaps that these legacy models can't fill.  

Using this new approach - with new ways to make key decisions - you will quickly deliver compelling value to the right customers.


A passion for customer value,
breakthrough innovation

Patrick Hogan has a relentless passion for market-changing innovation.

Across a career guiding V1 products facing a series of critical challenges, I performed rigorous, multi-domain research on the best practices for disrupting markets. 

When the current state is still not solving the challenge, and teams are still repeatedly getting stuck and projects are floundering,

I create a new more accurate, precise decision model.

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Actionable Insights Others Can't Offer

Delight Customers   |   Reduce Risk   |   Save Time, Resources 


How We Engage 
Insight, Action in Days | Not Weeks, Months

We engage your team in a series of short, structured interviews and Q&A sessions to find the greatest opportunities.

We then focus on one decision point, matching the challenge to where our unique breakthrough concepts can create the greatest insights and impact. 

We then use the right point-decision model in hands-on workshops to quickly unleash your team's creativity. Often in hours or days, not weeks. 

We then move to identify and unblock the next innovation-decision sticking point.