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We work with teams to leverage their technology and market expertise, complementing their insights with innovative practices that create the most customer value in the shortest time. 


For example, we help teams target and engage the right market segment to obtain a competitive advantage, fast, often 75% faster than traditional methods.


To achieve these goals, we also help with best practices and skills development so your team can quickly replicate - and emulate the best practices of the innovators that repeatedly bring new concepts to life and change markets – Gateway Adopters.

Managing Director

Patrick Hogan



Patrick has over  25 years of experience helping teams work together to bring compelling breakthrough concepts to new markets – often in a freaction of the time and expense  use normal populare practices.

Whether at startup or enterprises, I have launched high-risk, V1 offerings to nascent markets, becoming a functional expert at finding the right customers for a new, disruptive offering and determining what these customers find compelling. 

He uses unique skills to bring clarity and precision to the 5 biggest roadblocks that choke most new projects, their vision for; their target customers, problems they solve, how they align what they build to value and how they engage their market. 


Patrick has been a founder or an executive with startups in SaaS, AR/VR platforms, online media, and consumer services, and led teams in large firms like Adobe, MSFT, and Avanade to develop complex new concepts including application platforms and dev tools.

High-impact projects include envisioning and driving the creation of a new cloud capability from idea to delivery - using many of the concepts in the Framework - that Satya Nadella called Microsoft’s most strategically valuable API.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from UW and an MBA from The Tuck School at Dartmouth, Patrick has the unique skillset to bring traditional industries together with the latest technologies like Analytics/ML/AI, IoT, and XR.

Our Background

Qualitative profile - including info like - 
- Where this stuff comes from,

- Why we think this way.

Patrick's background, how he thinks and how this has enabled him to build out a wide-ranging portfolio of targeted innovation principles and best practices - each a powerful way to address a specific challenge that often blocks breakthrough.