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Most leaders don't know they doom their new concepts.

But YOU can quickly WIN by selecting the best choice for high-stake decisions.


Transforming markets are wildly more complex than mainstream development.  Each decision is cursed with an explosion of options and a massive increase in uncertainties. 

But YOU can adapt by changing the rules, while others don’t.  

The tools they continue to use are fatally flawed- and don’t fit the challenges of the new game.  

Unleash your team to redefine markets – with breakthrough insights from Market Fit Fast ~ you’ll get new perspectives to precisely make the best choices: 

  • Target the buyers that lead the mainstream  

  • Streamline work to deliver compelling value 

  • Maximize your impact, focus on the right issue, now 

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Market feedback is frustratingly confusing and often contradictory.
Who should we listen to
How do I find our real 'market leading' buyers?


This technology diffusion curve is NOT a timeline.

It's a psychographic spectrum. 

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Gateway Adopters live at the pivotal point on the spectrum. They act as provers of new concepts and the gate to the mainstream growth.

Reach Exponential Growth

Target the Gateway Adopter Psychographics to streamline your work to deliver a compelling market fit fast.

The Direct Path to Mainstream Growth Flows through Gateway Adopters.

If you want to win at changing markets, the insights offered by demographic is not enough. You need psychographics to precisely target the people who are most likely to buy all-new products first ~ then the mainstream follows. 


In every market there is a key group of people that drive change ~ they're the Gateway Adopters. 


These market leaders within every demographic have a unique set of goals, insights and behaviors that prove - or disprove - the compelling value of new concepts. Their unique traits also make them easy to find - if you know how to look.


With Gateway Adopter Psychographic system, you have this required, yet simple insight to quickly:

  • create a great market fit for this catalytic group 

  • Write and deliver messaging that is appealing to these market leaders  

  • Increase your selling success by qualifying the right real buyers 


All this, while filtering out the rest – the 90% of people within the same market that create dangerous, distracting noise that doom most new concepts.

New products can't just be a little better  to change markets. They need to be dramatically better than the incumbent. But how much is enough?
How much should you invest in each capability to create compelling enough value? When? Why?
Which feature should you embellish to create a competitive advantage?
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How customers really value is complex.

It is NOT simply linear or high vs. low. 

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There are 5 different types of value. And the payoff on each is very different.

You can streamline your efforts to HOW customers really value.

Use the insights to deliver compelling value in a fraction of the time.



Most teams simply don’t deliver compelling enough value to get customers to switch.  

Why?  How teams decide what to build, how much to invest, and when to build it - is fatally flawed.  Teams invest in – “overbuilding” things they don’t need, and they know it. Yet they still fail to deliver unique, powerful enough capabilities.  

But you can quickly grow new revenues - delivering market defining products in a fraction of the typical time. It just takes a special insight into how people really act – and then adjusting your decisions accordingly.   


People are very complex.  How they attribute value is much more sophisticated than a simple high vs. low judgment.    


To succeed at making the high-stakes breakthrough decisions that most teams botch, requires a new model with new insights.  A decision model that better matches how people really value.  

The Customer Value Accelerator offers insights and prescriptions so your team can adapt and streamline your investments to match the type and level of value each feature offers.


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Will unleash your team with new perspectives, creating new insights, and new goals.  CVA guides your team to:


  • Categorize the type of customer value each feature offers – according to how your target market will value it.

  • Delight customers beating market expectations by operationally defining each release’s unique compelling value.  Not just technically viable, the Minimum Compelling Offering (MCO) defines how your release wins.

  • Maximize your ROI on customer value with the insight to align efforts to each corresponding value type:  

  • Stop wasting resources building what you don’t need, NOW.

  • Stop wasting resources over-investing in features that you do need, but do not offer upside for better performance.

  • Find the right level of investment for “check box” items.

  • Identify the handful of features that should be embellished, aka "gold plated", to create a competitive advantage and win a market.


With better insights into how customers really value and new guidance on how to align efforts with these values, you can maximize your ROI – delivering a release with compelling, differentiating value 75% faster the typically practices.  

Do you know for certain...
What you should be working on, now?
Why you should be working on it?
When you've done enough and need to switch?






Winning Governance
Emulate perennially successful market disruptors. 
Flip the odds > 90%+ success vs. 90%+ failure.  

Many Entrepreneurs are Driven by the Rush of Making Big Bets. But Big Bets Mostly Fail Big.

What should you be working on - right now - for your new concept to succeed? The team's skills? Technology? Financing? Design? Customer Development?

And more importantly, why?

Most efforts to create market-changing products are a bit manic with a flurry of activity and conjecture - each struggling to do the right thing. But they almost always fail.


In contrast, you can WIN almost EVERY TIME!  


Change the rules of the innovation game so others chase you. Invest in the right things enough using insights that other leaders just don't have.

Teams developing new concepts almost always run out of resources. Under the pressure to do something,  they just react. They furiously work on the typical and normal - but wrong things that just don't fit their situation. And they don't know it  because they don't know the right questions to ask  - or worse, that they should even ask.

Top Risk Now (TRN) is a battle-proven governance model for highly dynamic breakthrough innovation. It offers 3 simples rules that give you the answers to the right questions - offering new insights that are necessary for you to know what you should invest in now, and also when to stop.

  1. Identify, of the 6 risk types, the #1 risk type you're facing NOW, that could most likely doom your project.

  2. Invest in mitigating that #1 risk with the least amount of investment and effort. Reduce that risk but only....

  3. ...until that target risk is no longer the top risk. 


What's proven to win is a series of smaller bets, each generating the biggest return on reducing the chances of losing.


Do What Winners Do.  


TRN was not "invented" -  it was revealed by hardcore research and sophisticated analysis of the thinking and actions of thousands of executives - across thousands of their top projects. The findings revealed reasons why some repeatedly succeeded at the high-risk goal of changing a market - and why most fail.

These executives  are the catalyst of change that the mainstream chases.  



This is the Secret Sauce to What You're Already Doing


Win at breakthrough innovation almost every time maximizing the impact of your every effort.   

Use TRN to give each cycle of Lean and Agile a focused mission – a mission to do the right thing, at the right time, to mitigate the right uncertainty, just enough. Satisfice your work and then shift focus to get an even higher return, mitigating the new top risk.  


Learn more about the Innovation Framework and the Methodology and Decision Toolbox we offer. 
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