Win, driving rapid evolution of how you innovate.   

Rapid Darwinian evolution, 
                                       of the right trait 

                   Not revolution

   Not perfection        

Winners have the highest rates of improvements,  not dramatic, single-step change.   Most winner don't take "big bets" as they typically end in big fails. 

By following these best practices you - know where to focus now, to maximize your impact.  Then you  systematically implement change to use the right, new breakthrough decision model.  Enough, then stop.


Four Key Components: 

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We use the framework to quickly assess and diagnose the biggest opportunity to unleash your team's unique talents.  Just as a great sports medicine physician that finds ways to help an elite athlete excel and win, we find the issues that enable your team to succeed.  


Then we focus on the highest impact issues - selecting and using new decision models for your situation, and unleash your team to create new breakthrough concepts.  

We don't "rip and replace" a system but use proven concepts to manage the hights risks and win.  We then pivit and shot, not waste your team's time and talent trying to improve low-return areas.   

These are NOT great, sexy-sounding ideas that impact "worst-case" situations - but best practices harvested from hardcore research into how serial market innovators succeed.  

Below see key components of the methodology we use to accelerate your innovation rate.  

Innovation cycle 
               How we apply Top Risk Now to improving how you innovate 

Quickly gain a competitive advantage.  We turn the art of improving innovation into a science, unleashing your teams' creativity to deliver compelling breakthrough offering, fast. 

Knitting-together insight built-up over years of experience - we quickly:

  • Identify the often hidden root cause of a “choke point”  

  • Fix it:  unstick a teams' thinking with a powerful, unique, easy-to-adopt decision model.  These models focus on the "what" your team creates, irrespective of how you develop new offerings. 


Then repeat at the next, new, sticking point. 


Emulate how Gateway Adopters succeed:    

Innovate on how you innovate.  A powerful, proven system of 5 steps to a) Know where to focus now to have the biggest impact, b) configure the right uncommon breakthrough decision tool, c) improve how you innovate.


Breakthrough Innovation Loop 

Know where your team is now, what should have happened and what should happen next.  

There are 4 key innovation phases for a concept to mature from idea to compelling offering that customers will use.  The Breakthrough Innovation Loop outlines these steps and helps us quickly focus on the greatest opportunity. 


Innovation Killer-Risks 

In which killer decision are you, your team, the fuzziest?  The least precise?  

Do you know what the potential Project Killers are?  Do you know how to find them and figure out which is the biggest for your project?  Do you know if they are transient or systemic?   


From enterprises to Venture Capital projects, post-mortem studies show that projects fail for shockingly consistent reasons.   Just as a physician use indicators to assess your health, use these top 5 themes to assess your project's greatest risks.  


1/ Customer

Are you engaging the right persona(s)?

Are you getting the right feedback from customers? Fast enough?


2/ Value

Are you helping a customer attain a goal that matters?

Are you solving a compelling enough customer challenge to get them to change?

Are you selecting the most innovative solutions?

3/ Execution 

Are you investing in the right project?  The right features?

Are you putting the right amount? 


4/ Project Risks

Are you clear about your risks?

How are you mitigating your top risks? 

5/ Org alignment/support

Are you leveraging your team’s competitive advantage? 

Are you aligned across your teams’ functions?  


Do you know how to look for the potential Project Killers?  


We use a set of probing, diagnostic questions to know where to focus our efforts.  Rarely is there a real "greenfield" project.  Every team is different so assessing the current state of the team to find the greatest opporunity is key. 


Are you getting clear answers to the questions below about the state of the project?

To assess the clarity and precision of the product vision - how actionable it is - the questions below will help you explore the key issues and indicators  -  posed for each area of the Innovation Loop (above).


Strategy & Inspiration

• What is our growth strategy?

• What type of business are we in?

• Can we quickly explain my concept?

• What are our biggest risks?

• Which new market should we enter?

• How can we generate the most Innovative concepts?

• And more…

Project slection 

Most Innovative Vision?

• How can we/did we select the most innovative concept and not kill it? 

• How do we compare across concepts? => What IS a concept?

• Are you aligning what you do with how customers value?

• And more…


Implementing the vision?

•How do we create a roadmap of compelling releases?

• How do we mitigate our biggest risks?

• How do we use big data to find a Minimum Compelling Concept?

• How do we make sure we are solving an important problem?

• How do we make sure we have a compelling solution?

•And more….

Market Engagement 

Customer Dialogue 

• How do we find the right customers for market-leading feedback?

• What demographic should we engage for market feedback?

• How can we engage the right part of the market?

• Which partners should we engage, first?

• How can my sales team qualify the right customers?

• How do we turn info and data into action? 

Innovate on how you innovate. 
                     Emulate Gateway Adopters

Improving your innovation process is a complex, risky effort.  We use these 4 tools with a proven, project management model that emulates successful serial risk-takers.  

​To win - to lead their market by using unproven new concepts that others will not even attempt - successful serial market disruptors insist their projects constantly pursuing risk  But they do so in a very specific way.  

Our methodology helps you improve how you innovate by emulating how Gateway Adopters Management succeed by applying their best practices.  

Learn about the decision toolbox.

With this methodology, we know where teams repeatedly get stuck and where we needed to develop new ways to unleash them.

At each decision point we quickly move from all that you could do to what you should do, now, to win.  

See the wide range of high-impact, laser-focused, best-fit tools for your current challenge.

From strategy to market engagement, each precisely targets a specific decision point across the innovation process.